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Dear Distinguished Leader,

Dr _mylesI am convinced that the greatest need of the 21st century is Competent, Effective and Compassionate Leadership!

I have travelled to over 100 nations, addressed audiences of millions, met with Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Governors, Congressmen and women, Parliamentarians, Senators, Corporate Executives, Business professionals, Educators, Scientists, Religious and Spiritual Leaders from every culture; facilitated Training and Consultative sessions with Governments and Businesses and Religious groups – and there is one common thread that runs through all of these societies, groups and organizations...the Cry and Need for Leadership that works.

The Global Collapse and disintegration of National Economies, the National Uprising and explosion of unrest in the Middle East and Europe, the rising exposure of Corporate and White Collar crime, the violation of religious and moral trust, the fall and prosecution of National Political Leaders, the re-emergence of the Sexual Orientation revolution, global and local Terrorism, Famine, growing Poverty, Social and Political disillusionment, the personal and national devastation of Natural Disasters, Health Epidemics, failing Education Systems, and the emergence of Third World Economies and Global Trade Transitions, Environmental fears and the flight of Refugees all paint a world picture that demands a new kind of leadership. Leading in the 21st Century is the ultimate test of a leader’s competence.

The present and new emerging challenges our world faces today will not be solved by old theories, and will require trained, competent, skillful, wise and confident leaders in every discipline. Governments everywhere seem to be paralyzed and bankrupt of ideas to address their national problems. Many have reverted to turning this frustration on their own citizens who in turn rise up against their cultural, social, political and religious institutions. There seems to be a void in leadership to effectively rise to the challenge of a world screaming for solutions. The reality of the need for Effective, Principle-Centered, Competent, Morally Sound and Compassionate Servant Leadership is no greater than in the Emerging Developing and Third World nations. The International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) was birthed in response to this need, and its purpose is to serve as a global magnet to Identify, Train, Develop and Refine the highest Quality of Leadership equipped to effectively and confidently face and solve the challenges of the 21st Century World.

It is our belief that if we want to see CHANGE in our Communities, Corporations, Organizations, Governments and Nations, then CHANGE is only possible through Effective Leadership. I invite you, as an emerging leader or experienced leader, to join the Global Family of Professional World-Class Leaders of ITWLA and embrace the many opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, practice and effectiveness. 


Transforming followers into Leaders and Leaders into Agents of Change.

Change...... through Leadership!

Dr. Myles Munroe
Chairman, ITWLA

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